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Re: [IP] High elevations

I live at 7,400 feet in Colorado.  I don't notice a  problem caused except 
when I drive from the Denver area at 5,280 feet (Mile High  City--lol) to my 
 home because then sometimes bubbles do appear in the tubing. I rarely remember
to check the tubing for bubbles though  until I have a higher blood sugar and 
realize I need to remove the  bubbles caused by altitude change.  YMMV
>From what I've read high altitude is more of a problem  starting at 10,000 
 feet (actuall even more close to extreme high altitude at 14,000 feet). There
are many people who have climbed very high  mountains and managed to keep 
their diabetes in line.  More power to  them!
I spent last Thanksgiving at a ski area (above 10,000 feet)  and didn't 
notice any problems.  I am sure that is just me since I live at  a higher 
 elevation. However, acclimating to the altitude slowly is a good thing plus
lots of water is a must.  Also you need to avoid  alcoholic beverages if you 
can (of course working at a ranch they probably don't  serve any alcohol).  I 
also recommend testing more frequently.  With  all the extra activity it would 
be surprising if you would need extra  insulin.  Again YMMV.  


I hope you enjoy your time spent in Colorado this  summer!  


Julie, Type 1 dxd 1962
MM715, Freestyle  Flash
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