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[IP] RE: High Elevations

> I don't think you will see any real problem with BG
> in Colorado but you may be a little more sleepy and
> you may run out of air quicker if you are jogging or
> something and not used to the altitude.

Just as an FYI: When our son died (11/7/05) the spouse of one of the
other dialysis patients came to my chair to comfort me. She told of her
son's death. He was 19 and in college - a healthy young man. They went
as a group to ski in CO. He didn't feel like eating dinner/supper and
went to his motel room to bed. His roommate came in later and heard him
snoring. However, it was the death rattle and he had died. It was
determined to be HAPE - High Altitude Pulmonary (Exertion?). His body
could not handle the change in altitude and his lungs had filled with
fluid and he actually drowned. He did not have DM.

This lady told me their dr. goes there once a year (from northern
Indiana) and he gets some kind of shot first (now that a patient died)
to prevent this. The docs in CO told them it happens a couple of times a
year. I said there ought to be warning signs of symptoms posted around
so people could be aware. I guess there are none.

Jan (47.5 y/o if you don't count the weekends), dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg
8/23/83) & Bluda II (MM508 8/31/04)
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"If a man insisted always on being serious and never allowed himself a
bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without
knowing it." - Herodotus

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