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Re: [IP] T-Shirt question

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> >The issue is really one of being able to stock inventory and deliver
> >orders. Doing the printing is the easy part. The office does not have
> >room or resources to do this kind of thing. If there were someone in
> >the "business" of doing this for clothing articles, then perhaps it
> >would make sense. The commercial operations that do it for a living
> >charge way too much so I have not pursued that avenue. It would be nice
> > if we could sell T's for 10-15 buck and leave a few buck for Insulin
> >Pumpers at the same time. High quality blanks are 2-4 buck and printing
> > is not that expensive -- used to do it about 10 years ago. Storing,
> >handling, managing the process is the bugaboo.
> >
> >Michael
> >.
> >----------------------------------------------------------
> Michael,
>  What about something like http://www.cafepress.com ? Basically you just
>  upload
> the artowrk and pick what items you'd like to have available. Cafe Press
> gives you a basic price for each item and you set your own prices based
> on that. They handle all of the printing & shipping. Everything is
> printed on demand so you don't even have to place a minimum order.

I've looked at them, and find them quite expensive for Tee's beyond a 
custome few. I know if there were someone in the business, that high 
quality Tee's could be done for substantially less. Basically Cafe X is 
selling them at full retail and the purchaser can mark them up beyond 
that as much as they like. I would like to find wholesale pricing so 
that IP members could have a fair deal.

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