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Re: [IP] Cholesterol Question???

Your lipid profile looks fine. Many people would like theirs to be like 
that. I can see your concern looking at the total and LDL cholesterol. The 
HDL is important. The higher the better. There are actually about 4 
subfractions of HDL with one of them being the protective type, another 
being somewhat protective and the other two not protective at all. A lot of 
physicians never pay attention to this and unless someone has huge risks for 
heart disease it rarely gets tested. There are only two labs in the U.S. 
that do that kind of testing anyway.

Generally, though, a high HDL (Highly Desirable Lips) is... well, desirable. 
The higher the better. The lowest docs like to see it is 45. You are about 
twice that, which is excellent. LDL is within normal. The important thing is 
the ratio between the two. Your ratio is quite good.

Your triglycerides are good and are effected by the carbs you ingest. Simple 
carbs and processed carbs raising triglycerides the most.

Your overall cholesterol is creeping up to where docs don't like it (>200), 
but remember what is driving that number up isn't any of the harmful parts 
that go into that number but the very high (and very good) HDL.

This was a very long way of saying that you're fine. Total cholesterol tells 
you very little so if anybody looks at that only and becomes concerned, 
disregard them. If you want to tinker for even better control you could 
lower your saturated fat intake and replace it with monounsaturated fat. 
Lowering you total fat intake may actually make things worse since it will 
lower both HDL and LDL.

It the order of saturated fats that are worse for you to less worse they 
are: trans fat, dairy fat, beef fat, chicken fat.

If you consume much dairy fat that's the place to cut down. If you like the 
mouth feel and taste of fat and don't like to give it up you can experiment 
with getting skim milk and other non-fat dairy products and adding canola 
oil. It's the least painful change you can make and you probably won't 
notice much difference. It should keep or even raise the HDL but lower your 
LDL if you are reducing your dairy fat consumption.

Hope that's not too much information for a simple question requiring a 
yes/no answer.  Good luck.

Brian Wilson, RD, L/DN
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From: "Kate Fassett" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2006 11:50 AM
Subject: [IP] Cholesterol Question???
> I just got my cholesterol results back and although the numbers fall 
> within the range for "normal," the total seems high to me. I'm 28 years 
> old, female, and have been a Type 1 Diabetic for almost 20 years.  I 
> exercise regularly and am a vegetarian.  Does these numbers seem high?
> Cholesterol 194
> Triglycerides 76
> HDL 81
> LDL 98
> Thanks for your help,
> Kate
> .
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