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Re: [IP] High elevations

I spent a week in Prescott, AZ last May, which has an elevation of  
5000 plus feet, and I did have higher BGs than normal.  It took me  
several days to figure out what was going on and I had to keep  
raising my basal rates, to the point that I had to increase my  
maximum basal setting on my pump.  Of course, it's another one of  
those YMMV things, because some people have mentioned having the  
opposite or no reaction.

On a different note, I read yesterday that when you're visiting Santa  
Fe, NM, which is over 7000 feet, one alcoholic drink is equivalent to  
3 at sea level.  So I'm thinking that whatever mechanism causes that  
effect is perhaps the same thing that causes whacky BGs?  Does anyone  
here know why this occurs?  Does this only apply to people living at  
sea level who aren't acclimated to a higher elevation?  What about  
people living there who are used to it?

Shawna Nansel
T1 3/02, Pumping 8/02

> Has anyone noticed a difference in blood sugars caused by high
> elevations?  This summer we'll be spending a week at a dude ranch in
> Colorado with an elevation of 8400 plus.
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