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[IP] Re: Re:MM QuickSet connections

       Thank you for the useful suggestion.  Claire has never used the cover 
for the Quick-set when disconnected.  However, this has caused her bathing 
 suit to develop a large hole from rubbing on the Quick-set when disconnected.
she just has a brand new bathing suit, we will try your idea to keep those 
holes away for awhile!  She inserts her sites on her upper butt area, so there 
is a fair bit of movement of the bathing suit there.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9

>  have found that the piece that is included with each new infusion set as a
> cover for disconnecting is not very useful. it was hard ot get on and off 
> for
> some reaosn. My CDE told me it woudl be so she advised me ot cut off the
> connector of old infusion sets and use those instead. They work great.
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