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Re: [IP] Re: Large meals and delayed digestion


 Regarding the idea that having a "full" gastrointestinal tract causes a release
of glucagon - I don't think that this can be the cause for highs after eating
chineese because (at least for me) other foods that are high in insolulabe fiber
and take up space but don't have many fast acting carbs (such as salad, carrots,
and other non-sweet vegetables) and which I do sometimes fill up on don't cause
me to go high.

 At D-camp they used to have us drink a lot of water when we were very high
(they only gave extra insulin if it was a meal time) - I remember feeling VERY
full on water - and my BG always went down because of it.

 Then again I believe that I have learned somewhere that the physical ingestion
of food stimulates insulin production.

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