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Re: [IP] I Could Have Written A Book

>In a message dated 05/31/2003 10:31:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
>>  Roger, you have me beat on when we started on square NPH, but do you
>>  still have an empty square NPH bottle? I do! The exp date on it was
>>  Sept. 9 1973, and if you want the lot number I can give you that too.
>>  There are still perhaps 10 units (U-80) of what used to be insulin in
>>  the bottle. I was just a year too young to vote for IKE in 1952, but I
>>  did vote for him in 1956.
>>  Don't miss the 3-page article about me in the June Diabetes Interview.
>>  Tom Beatson
>>  dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
>No Tom I don't, but then again I really don't miss all that NPH we took!
>Roger Campbell (dx12/1/47 pm 5/7/00)

I miss the NPH, about like I miss the Plague!

(a youngster who was dxed in '64. And I liked Ike too, cause my dad did!)
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