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Re: [IP] Re:MM QuickSet connections

 I have found that the piece that is included with each new infusion set as a
cover for disconnecting is not very useful. it was hard ot get on and off for
some reaosn. My CDE told me it woudl be so she advised me ot cut off the
connector of old infusion sets and use those instead. They work great.

probent <email @ redacted> wrote:
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I have exactly the same problems. When I asked MM they repeated the 
package instructions. The temporary cover is just about impossible to use.
MM solved this by saying that you don't need to use the cover. All works
fine if you disconnect and reattach when the piece is not connected to your
body and you can firmly grasp things with your fingers. Things change when
the center is 'glued' to movable skin. I am afraid that it will twist off my
skin if I really try to force the outer pieces on. But I don't think that
this is how it is ment to be. We are missing something.
I think that one of the QS's advantages is that it does not have an
attached short tail. That kind of connection always seemed to catch on

> I recently switched from "comfort" sets to MiniMed
> Quick-sets. While they insert easily and painlessly,
> I am having trouble disconnecting and especially
> re-connecting for a shower. The little circle doesn't
> want to move to the "lock" position. I have varied
> the amount of pressure on the little clips, but that
> hasn't helped. And I've noticed that some of the sets
> are easier than others. Has anyone else had this
> problem and is there a "cure"? -- or is this a design
> flaw in the Quick-set. I am getting frustrated!! I
> love the insertion, but don't know if it is worth the
> struggle with those silly circles. I wish they would
> have made the little "tail" on these sets that just
> unscrews!! Any advice?
> Thanks, mouse
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