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[IP] Healthcare increase by 2006

According to an article in the AM paper, all the health plans (at least around
here) foresee a 50 percent increase in premiums by 2006.  That would mean we,
as self-employed people, would no longer be able to afford anything.

In the article they blame us a patients for wanting higher tech products.
Well, I was chased around in circles by my Endo and CDE's before I decided to
get a pump, and now it looks like I am to blame for using one.

Given this bit of good news, I don't know whether to try to get a new pump now
(mine is almost out of warranty) or am I calling attention to myself too much.
Even beyond that, it almost makes you feel like you need to go back to a
syringe and two vials of low-cost insulin.

I'm really beginning to wonder what we're all going to do.  And I hate to see
my premium for 2004.  The only good news is, the local Chamber of Commerce was
only handed a 10 percent increase for next year, by the same HMO I had.  So,
it looks like I may have to go networking at the Chamber. Power lunch anyone?
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