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Re: [IP] How does exercise use glucose w/o insulin?

Hello Marianne (dx. 7/93 at age 7, pumping 6/4/02),

IMHO, you have asked some *very* intriguing questions.

> When I do a significant amount of exercise (say run 3-5 miles) my
> insulin requirements are lowered by 1/3 to 1/2 for 3-4 days.

This was how it worked for me about 25 years ago. My TDD dropped by
almost 50% for 2 days (or more) after jogging 2-5 miles. Things
gradually changed, so that when I stopped jogging last year (due to
knee ailments), jogging the same distance before dinner only reduced
the dinner bolus by 2 units. There was no longer any prolonged effect
on the TDD.

> exercise lowers BG partially because it increases circulation...
> this effect should... be far shorter in duration

I agree. I don't think you'll find any convincing answers to your
questions, though. I've never found any. The textbooks are silent. The
doctors will shrug.

Your questions involve _complex_ metabolic pathways which are simply
not yet understood. Since you're able to ask such questions, be
prepared for a lack of convincing answers. BUT KEEP ASKING! Thanks for
a *great* post.

regards, Andy
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