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[IP] How does exercise use glucose w/o insulin?


 About a week ago someone gave a great description of alcohol metabolism by the
liver and why it would affect BGs. I have always wondered exactly how exercise
works to lower BGs and was hoping that I might be able to get a similar

 When I do a significant amount of exercise (say run 3-5 miles) my insulin
requirements are lowered by 1/3 to 1/2 for 3-4 days. I have heard that exercise
increases a person's "metabolism" but I don't see how it can be possible for
more glucose to enter the cells using less insulin. Could it be that muscle
cells don't require insulin to use glucose? (along those lines - is insulin
required to implement glycogen storage?)

 I realize that exercise lowers BG partially because it increases circulation
causing insulin to be absorbed faster, this effect should, however, be far
shorter in duration than the reduced insulin requirements caused by exercise.
 I also understand that during exercise the body uses up its glycogen stores
leaving it more susceptable to lows - but this does not explain everything. How
can the glucose released by the breakdown of the glycogen stores be metabolized
with less insulin than it should be? This can't be a very important reason for
decreased insulin requirements (although it could certaintly cause lows) because
I have observed that even if I get high after exercising, allowing my glycogen
stores to be replenished, I require less insulin for several days.

 I have looked in my AP Bio text(Campbell) and not found any information that
would help me to answer these questions. Can anyone suggest a good internet
source for this type of info?

Sorry this was so long, thanks for any info u can give 
-Marianne (dx. 7/93 at age 7, pumping 6/4/02)
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