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Re: [IP] diabetic cat ??

I am Maverick's father, but I am also a Veterinarian.
You will need to see your Veterinarian to have your cat tested.  Blood
sugars under 200 are very acceptable in cats, but cats are very prone to
having high blood sugars due to stress.  So at the same time, a urine
glucose should be taken to verify prolonged high blood sugar.  For at home
use, urine dipsticks to test for ketones are the best bet.  Cat foods such
as WD or Glucose Control are very good foods for cats with diabetes or
borderline diabetics.  Sometimes cats can be managed just on diet.  Other
times, insulin will need to be used.  Ultra-Lente is the most common type
used on cats.  Please consult your veterinarian, but I hope this helped.
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