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[IP] Bummer

 Well just found out that our local diabetes summer camp has been cancelled due
to lack of medical staff. Unfortunatley the Canadian Diabetes Association has
put together new policy and we need more staff then in the last years and its
just not easy to find docs and nurses to give a week of their time.
 Now this isn't a big surprise it has happened in the past. Unfortunatley our
local Canadian Diabetes Association staff is rather last minute when it comes to
these camp things and we ( the volunteers and Diabetes clinic staff) hassel them
endlessly to get a move on things in the Fall for the next Summers camp and its
alway in April that the get moving and we scramble like crazy to pull it
together. Now we do have an excellent camp in the Summer its just alot of work
for us volunteers to get it done. I've already warned them(on the record) that
unless they get things moving early for next Summer to count me out cause I will
be in College and working full time in the Summer and they cannot expect to call
me up in May(they did this year) and ask me to be Activity Coordinator and to
plan every thing ASAP so they can get the supplies. I think at this point the
whole Volunteer committee is on the verge of giving up and moving on in life -
but then we see the kids and can't he!
 lp but pu

 Any ways enough of my ranting! I'm sure gonna missed my kids this year - they
look forward to camp so much!

 At least Girl Guide of Canada is still trying to recruit me for their local
Summer Camp( even though I've told them I can't do that week - I've now let them
know it has opened up and looks like I'm still going to camp!)

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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