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Re: [IP] Name (or other info) for Thyroid Autoimmune Condition

I had the same problem as a teenager and took synthroid but was able to stop
taking it. Now that I'm 41 I have started taking it again. My endo said that
probably my immune system was attacked with a virus during my teen years and
recovered. Now the problem has returned and I will take synthroid forever!
Goodluck! Susan
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Subject: [IP] Name (or other info) for Thyroid Autoimmune Condition

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> Hi
>  I don't know if anyone can help me with this, but I know there are some
> doctors/med students/really well informed people on this list so I figured
> give it a try.
>  I am looking for a specific name to put to my thyroid condition so that I
> do some more indepth research on it.
>  When I was diagnosed with type 1 D at age 7, I was found to have an
> thyroid gland and started on synthroid (and later substituted a generic
> equivalent). My endo calls what I have "hypothyroid" but I am aware of
> conditions that cause hypothyroidism. My endo says that mine is caused by
> autoimmune reaction to an ENZYME (didn't say which) required for the
> of T4. He says that my thyroid gland has not actually been destroyed and
that I
> just couldn't make T4 b/c I didn't have the enzyme. Anyway, since the
> he has always said that by the end of puberty I might stop needing
synthroid (my
> regular doc says that that frequently happens esp. in girls- but also
> doesn't happen). My last test results revealed that I am no longer
producing the
> relevant antibodies (I am 17.5yrs old and stopped growing ~3 years ago)
and so I
> have been allowed to stop taking synthroid. It has been about three weeks
and I
> feel fine so far - I have been a bit tired but then I always am (don't get
> sleep).
> Can anyone tell me what they think this might be (a name)?
>  Do you know do most people stop taking synthroid - and do they stop
> permanently?
> Thanks!
> Marianne
> Dx. 7/93 at age 7,   pumping 6/4/02
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