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[IP] Name (or other info) for Thyroid Autoimmune Condition


 I don't know if anyone can help me with this, but I know there are some
doctors/med students/really well informed people on this list so I figured I'd
give it a try.

 I am looking for a specific name to put to my thyroid condition so that I can
do some more indepth research on it.

 When I was diagnosed with type 1 D at age 7, I was found to have an enlarged
thyroid gland and started on synthroid (and later substituted a generic
equivalent). My endo calls what I have "hypothyroid" but I am aware of several
conditions that cause hypothyroidism. My endo says that mine is caused by an
autoimmune reaction to an ENZYME (didn't say which) required for the manufacture
of T4. He says that my thyroid gland has not actually been destroyed and that I
just couldn't make T4 b/c I didn't have the enzyme. Anyway, since the beginning
he has always said that by the end of puberty I might stop needing synthroid (my
regular doc says that that frequently happens esp. in girls- but also often
doesn't happen). My last test results revealed that I am no longer producing the
relevant antibodies (I am 17.5yrs old and stopped growing ~3 years ago) and so I
have been allowed to stop taking synthroid. It has been about three weeks and I
feel fine so far - I have been a bit tired but then I always am (don't get much

Can anyone tell me what they think this might be (a name)?
 Do you know do most people stop taking synthroid - and do they stop

Dx. 7/93 at age 7,   pumping 6/4/02
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