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[IP] Re: Best Pump For A Low TDD

I think you should base your decision on which pump
you'd like based upon the features of each pump and
which you like best/feel the most comfortable with. 
Here's why:

The low TDD, IMHO, should not deter you from picking a
pump that you really like and want to pick.  The
reason why I am saying this is because ALL pumps can
deliver small doses of insulin accurately.  (For
example, there've been really young kids on this list
go on the pump and have used it successfully, so that
should give you some assurance.)

As for the difference in pulse frequency, that is a
YMMV kinda thing.  Some people find one method better
than others, some find no difference whatsoever. 
Unfortunately, determining whether or not one pulse
delivery is better or not for you (or if they're both
the same) is something you won't really know until
you're pumping and are on your second or third pump
(assuming you switch companies and methods of pulse
delivery).  In either case, that answer doesn't really
help you with your decision right now, does it? 
That's why I've suggested going with the pump that you
feel the most comfortable with and which has the
features you like best.

I can, however, say that you are getting the same
amount of insulin per hour REGARDLESS of which type of
pump (in terms of pulse frequency) you choose.  In
that way, they are both the same.

Actually, the only real difference you may experiene
is the amount of insulin lost during those times when
you may disconnect and your body's reaction to such. 
This is, of course, dependent on how long you're
disconnected (not to mention how often), what your
basal rates are for those times when you are
disconnected and how your body responds to it.  (In
either case, ANY pump will allow you to disconnect and
your body's reaction is entirely YMMV - you'll have to
experiment with whatever pump you choose to see
exactly how it affects your glucose levels.)  Again,
this is something you won't know until you've been
pumping for awhile.

As for your question regarding occlusions from a low
TDD, the pump you choose should be okay regardless of
which pulse type you choose.  The reason why I mention
this is because the insulins used with today's pumps
are not as prone to clogging as the older ones.  In
addition, tubing is now "treated" to help prevent such
problems.  That doesn't mean that you will never get
one, but I think it's safe to say that you'd get them
the same number of times with either pump.  

I wish I could answer your question in regards to the
0.05u basal delivery increntments offered by the
Animas pump, but I don't use that particular one and I
won't speculate here.  Sorry!

Again, go with whatever pump you feel the most
comfortable with and has the best features for YOU -
after all, you'll be wearing it 24/7 for the next 4, 5
or even 6 years....   You and it will definitely
become close....  ;-)

I hope I've answered your questions.  I realize that
most of my answers were more neutral and didn't lean
one way over the other, but I really do believe that
every pump is a good for someone.  I also feel you
can't go wrong with whatever pump you choose because
if you spend the time to think about whichever one you
like best/feel most comfortable with you then you are
choosing the pump that is best for YOU.  I know when I
was picking mine I went back and forth between MiniMed
and Disetronic (they were the only ones available at
the time) and I know I'll be doing the same thing
again in a few months (I've already started the "I
like THIS one best, no, I like THAT one, nope, that
OTHER one is really nice, nope I like the FIRST one
best, etc.") only this time I have MORE pumps to
choose from!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Good luck and happy choosing!  :-)


Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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