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Re: [IP] Large meals and delayed digestion

> I don't think insulin has any effect in digesting the food - if you 
>eat and
>take no insulin the food still gets digested your sugar just rockets.
>Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
>Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

That's only partially true.  Insulin aids in digestion on a secondary 
basis.  Basically, as your digests food faster/slower partially based 
on it's needs.  If you body is in need of food/energy, it will speed up 
digestion.  If the body doesn't, digestion is slowed.  

When you give insulin, it helps the body to "feed" itself.  If you give 
too much insulin, your BG will go low, and the body will want to "feed" 
itself more, in a sense.  (I know, I'm explaining this very non-
technical.)  Anyhow, most of us have probably experienced this when you 
have an extreme low...your body kicks digestion into high gear, and you 
feel ravishingly hungry.

When your body has "had enough"...meaning, it has all of the energy it 
needs and you are not going low (i.e., not too much insulin), your body 
will slow down the digestion process.  Since insulin is one of the key 
hormones in converting food into energy (for carbs, anyhow), it does 
play a factor into the digestion process.  

Perhaps someone else can explain this is better terms.  :-)  I know I'm 
failing miserably here.


P.S.  This particular scenario is quite different than what I see with 
pizza and the like.  While I still believe glucagon is a large part of 
the pizza effect, in this particular case, it is quite different.  In 
the case of pizza, I do NOT feel full for 12 hours...and my rises in BG 
are usually 5-6 hours, not 12 hours, after eating pizza.  I have 
accounted quite well for this pizza effect by using a dual-wave bolus.

In this case, it seems that the food digestion has slowed because I 
remained completely full the entire rest of the day and barely ate 
anything after that point until the next morning.  When I eat pizza, it 
is a normal sized meal, and I am satisfied, not stuffed.  :-)
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