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[IP] Re: Evening And Overnight Basal Test

There are a few possible options here.....

On one hand, you can just do everything the same as
you normally do.  True, it's 11pm for your start time,
but then again, if you need to do basals later you can
always set your alarm clock for the next time you need
to test and go to sleep and continue this as long as
you need to....  This one has worked for me (assuming
that I've acutally paid attention to the incistant,
loud, annoying, &@*%*!@^%$!*!#*& alarm!  You can tell
I hate those things, right???)  :-)

Another option is to skip a meal AND any exercise that
you would normally do for the days that you need to
test.  This method works great if you finish your
lunch (and any possible exercise) because you can
check your late afternoon/evening basals IN ADDITION
to your nighttime ones, assuming that you want to
check those, of course.  

Still another method, is to do as your CDE has
requested....  For this, you can have dinner earlier
(sometime between your normal lunch/dinnertime, or you
can push all of your meals back by an hour or so),
have a lighter dinner than normal, or you can opt to
skip dinner and instead have a snack to "hold you
over."  (This would be something along the lines of a
"comprimise" to your CDE as you wouldn't be skipping a
meal and you could finish by 6pm as requested.)  The
downside to this method is the obvious - if you eat a
snack/lighter meal, it would affect your glucose
levels.  (I figure you probably aren't interested in
this one, but thought I'd mention it anyway as some
people may find this method "the way to go" on testing
days.)  *Shrugs*  

If your CDE is against the idea of you skipping a
meal, have you asked why?  It may be that he/she has a
reason for this request, although I'm willing to bet
that it has to do with worrying about the "going low
because of a missed meal and too much extra insulin
still in the bloodstream" logic that is appropriate
for shots and not pumps. (That's one misunderstanding
about the differences between pumps and shots that
never seems to go away - I've been pumping almost 4
years and I still hear that one!)  If this is the
case, you may try educating him/her about pumps, but
then again, it may or may not work......

Just remember that exercise can also affect basal
checks, so if you do decide upon the "skipping a meal"
idea, remember to also skip any exercise or you may
get false readings and have to "start from square

IMHO, I AGREE that you should be able to skip a meal
if you want to to do those checks - especially since
correctly set basal rates can allow you to stay in
your target range (or at least stay steady and not dip
high or low) and skip meals - that's one of the
benifits of pumping!

Good luck!


Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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