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Re: [IP] Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have been on Bextra 20mg for several days.
I have degenerative arthritis causing neuritis affecting the sciatic nerve.
I have obtained alot of relief taking Bextra.   I have not noticed it has
raised my Bgs.
Was on Ultracet, hurt worse with that, plus headaches.  This too did not
noticeably affect Bgs.
Have not heard of it.
I was on Toradol as necessary, for years.  I did not notice it raised my Bgs.
Niaspan did/does raise my Bgs, a higher basal rate took care of that.
I think the trick is finding the med that helps you and raising the basal rates
accordingly, if need be.
I have been daily charting Bgs, no pattern has been found in last 6 months for
the afternoon & evening.  Mornings & nights are ok.
I do take meds same time daily ( within an hr time allotment).
I had problems getting to Bextra sites, finally did thru Ask Jeeves.  Linda K
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