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[IP] large meals and delayed digestion

Sara has a similar reaction as you to large meals, but we can attribute hers
to a high fat content. As we really watch the fat content of Sara's meals when
she has a high fat meal the result is very obvious. Sara will still have high
BG's 12 hours after a pizza pig out and our family holidays and reunions are
utter healthy eating nightmares. We do the split boluses and and can get great
BG's up to six hours after, but will still see the effects 12 hours later.
Seems odd, but true. It is one of those YMMV things. We have just learned to
allow for the pizza etc. and increase basal rates/plan to keep physically busy
later on to help out the BG's (even a slow walk really helps)/ check BGs
frequently for several hours to keep a tight lid on things.

The good news is that you now know your body will react this way and at the
next family munch down you can plan accordingly and enjoy the goodies. It's
not like you are doing this every weekend, so don't beat yourself up about it.
I think you did pretty good considering you did not know how any of the food
was prepared, you guessed for the boluses, and the only exercise you probably
had was hours of great family gossiping and shifting on the chair to loosen
the waist on your pants. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day. Hope you enjoy
many more.
Pam, mom to Sara
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