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[IP] I Could Have Written A Book

I was diagnosed with diabetes 49 3/4 years ago.  Had I had recorded in a note
book all the changes in types of insulin's and the various different dosages I
have had to use  the book would be full.
      The only time that came close to having serious problems was when I was
on only one shot of NPH each day.
 A lot of diabetics died early from because they developed diabetes after  NPH
came out in the late 1930's and they were put on the one shot per day.
Diabetics diagnosed during the mid 1920' and early 1930 had all been put on
multipal shots of regular insulin.  Many of these people continued on their
multipal shots of reg. By the 1960's the difference started to be noiticed but
it was too late for many as they had bit the dust.
I wonder if all the MD's understand the difference even today.  It is a little
more complicated be cause we now have pumps and multipal different pumps that
the MD's are supposed to know about.
The best diabetic care comes from the self care of an informed diabetic
person. YMMV
Charles Soderstrom DDS  T1 Dx 10/53 @ age 19
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