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Re: [IP] Large meals and delayed digestion

>  You've  almost got it, but your logic just doesn't add up.   If you
>really bolused for all the carbs he ate, or at least approximated
>pretty well, why need extra insulin?
>Keep trying---If you can figure this out, you'll make a lot of us happy
>- -wayne


Actually, I don't know WHY it happens.  :-)  I was merely sharing the fact
that it did happen to me.  I've not noticed this particular thing discussed
here before.

In my case, I know I was completely guessing the carbs in the foods.
Somehow, I managed to give enough to keep my blood sugars fairly reasonable.
But, I ate WAY MORE than I usually would.  Most of the eating took place
between 1:00 and 4:00.  After that, I hardly touched anymore food the rest
of the day.  I felt way too full, which is why I think in this case the food
just wasn't getting digested.  Anyhow, it was around 3:00 in the morning...a
full 12 hours after having eaten, that my BG had risen to  over 400 despite
having given a bolus to correct a 270 a couple hours before.

Anyhow, I'm guessing (guessing!!!) that I really completely underestimated
the carbs, but because I had eaten so much and the fact that there wasn't
enough insulin to aid in digestion, the body just slowed digestion way
down...then, finally, after many hours, digestion sort of "resumed", dumping
a bunch more sugar into my system without enough insulin.  But, the question
would be what would cause that?

Regardless of the why, now I'll be better prepared for the next such eating
extravaganza.  :-)

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