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Laura wrote:
>It takes a lot of build-up to get a no Delivery on a508.

On "my 508" it can take as little as 1 unit to build up enough 
 pressure....how do I know? i have put an empty cartridge in the pump and primed
it til it
alarmed.....then i pulled the plunger back and forth a little and pushed it as 
closed as I could and tested it again.....still about a unit..maybe 1.3

i dont think 1 unit is "a lot"  - I mean, unless your basal rate is .1 or ,2 
in which case you could be 5 to 10 hours without basal....but then I know very 
FEW pumpers who go that long with out testing and if "smart enough" could 
figure out an unexpected high MIGHT have somethign to do with being out of 
insulin BEFORE the no delivery alarm sounds...but then there were also the 
 experiments where i would leave a fraction of a centimeter...you know, plunger
PRESSED to closed, just "touching" and it took closer to 3 units til it 
beeped...for me this could be a problem especially at night when my basal is .3

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