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Re: [IP] correction

> I mentioned in my last post that Velosulin was brought on the market
> "for" pumps, but I was corrected by a friend of mine....It was
> apparently already on the market, made by Nordisk in Denmark. It was
> a pure pork insulin for those allergic to beef/pork insulin. I did
> not know about Velosulin until I went on the pump in 1993, and they
> "told" me it had been developed for the 
>  pump.....actually the manufacturer just added the buffering agent
>  when
> Velosulin started
> being marketed it for pump use....and for a while, it was the ONLY
> insulin 
>  "sanctioned" by the pump companies (MNMD at least, i dont know
>  about Dis...and
> the
> others didn't exist back then) for use in the pump....beCAUSE of the
> buffering....no other reason...
> thanks for the clarification oh knowledgeable one

Until the introduction of Novolog / NovoRapid, Velosulin was the only 
insulin product for which a manufacturer applied for and received 
approval to market it for use in pumps.

Velosulin, while originally a pork insulin, is now manufactured as a 
recombinant DNA - human insulin. That change took place quite a 
number of years ago.

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