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[IP] twisted tubing

laura asked:
> does the MM or any pump signal you if your line isall twisted and 
> you are not getting any insulin? I think some of the pumpsdetect 

I don't know about the others, and I don't know how they would know the 
 difference between a twisted tube or a antibody clogged canula, but i do know
MM does not signal special for twisted tubing....if it IS so tightly twisted 
that the tubing is indeed clamped shut, like as if you had slammed it in a 
 drawer, or if you had put one of those little plastic clamps on it, then it may
 take a couple of units delivery before pressure builds up high enough to sound
nO DELIVERY alarm....simple twists in the tubing are not gonna clamp it off to 
the point of no insulin getting through...to test this, disconnect....set 
 your pump to give a bolus....watch the end of it drip as it delivers...then
the tube...unless you really clamp it bent, you will still see the drips...at 
least I DO, in my scientific experiement just conducted...your fingernails 
may have a different effect.

It is pretty much the same thing as when you run out of insulin...it may take 
2, 3 or 4 or even MORE units supposedly delivered before there is enough 
 pressue built up to cause alarm...hence when that Low Volume alarm oon my 508
off, i tend to take notice....
i used to get no delivery all the time sinec i rarely would take the pump out 
of the case to see if it was running low....

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