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[IP] To SSP re: Velosulin


I used Velosulin with my first pump, the one that was a 'borrowed" pump from 
a research study.  For that pump, which I used from Jan. 1984 to May 1987, I 
 had to use saline or dilutant to make U100 insulin into U36 insulin. I started
to use Saline until I spoke with the local Nordisk rep and he said the 
 company would supply the dilutant for free. I would call him about 10 days
before I
knew I would be out and sometime during that time period he would drop it by 
my house and put it between the front door and the screen door.  HOW IS THAT 
FOR CURB SIDE SERVICE!!  I live about 20 miles from Barnes Hospital in St. 
 Louis on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River. The most of Tom's business
was with the St. Louis hospitals and doctors but he would call on about three 
of them in my town.  He would plan a visit on this side of the river so he 
 could deliver it to me. Boy I miss him since he moved elsewhere with the

According to him Nordisk had been using pumps in Europe for a while and that 
they did in fact add the buffering agent for that purpose.  In May 1987 I 
purchased my first pump.  At the time I did think about the Nordisk pump they 
 started to sell in the US, but I bought the CPI Lilly pump. (CPI is for Cardiac
Pacemakers, Inc.)  I think I would have been better off with the Nordisk pump 
because when they decided to get out of the business, I understand they 
 purchased replacement pumps for their old customers. CPI didn't. Hence I went
to my
first MiniMed pump.

Just to let everyone know that Velosulin was/is a great insulin for the pump, 
while I was on the Lilly pump they came out with a buffered insulin.  I saw a 
Lilly rep at a trade show and when I told him that I was using Velosulin, he 
told me that I should not quote him but I should stay on the Velosulin because 
it was a better insulin.

Oh in one of your posts you spoke of how people can make their sets last 
 longer by mixing the Velosulin with Humalog. I don't think that would work with
 me because of my tape allergies, but this has always puzzled me until I heard a
reason that I think is reasonable.  Apparently the PH is different between 
 insulins and some PH's fit some people better than others so finding some other
insulin or mix may help an individual in this regard.

Sara, maybe you are Sara Smartie Pants!!  Good going girl!

Cee Dee
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