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Re: [IP] RE: Minimed Delivery/Occlusions

At 10:00 PM 5/28/03 -0600, you wrote:
 >Jan:  But my question is, does the MM or any pump signal you if your line is
 >all twisted and you are not getting any insulin? I think some of the pumps
 >detect it a bit sooner, perhaps I should have said that...
 >For me, the problem is that once in awhile I have an unusually high BG for no
 >reason.  I find often times, the line is all twisted up and once I release it
 >my Bg goes down really fast (sometimes too fast.)

Yes, the MiniMed pumps are designed to signal if the line is twisted to the 
point of obstructing insulin delivery.  I believe all the pumps are, but I 
can't speak from personal experience about any but MiniMed.  The MiniMed 
occlusion is triggered by a build up in pressure in the pump mechanism, 
which signals an occlusion of some type in the line or infusion 
site.  Occlusion means simply something that prevents the insulin from 
exiting the pump/line/infusion set/infusion site.

The MiniMed pumps I have used previously were not particularly sensitive to 
occlusions, and rarely alarmed for one as my basal rate is fairly low (0.3 
most of the time).  I find that my Paradigm is much more sensitive to 

The problem with detecting an occlusion is that most of them, in my 
experience, anyway, are not complete.  Some insulin is getting 
through--just not as much as you need.  So the pressure doesn't build up 
for quite a long time in many cases.

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