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[IP] correction

I mentioned in my last post that Velosulin was brought on the market "for" 
pumps, but I was corrected by a friend of mine....It was apparently already on 
the market, made by Nordisk in Denmark. It was a pure pork insulin for those 
allergic to beef/pork insulin. I did not know about Velosulin until I went on 
the pump in 1993, and they "told" me it had been developed for the 
 pump.....actually the manufacturer just added the buffering agent when
Velosulin started
being marketed it for pump use....and for a while, it was the ONLY insulin 
 "sanctioned" by the pump companies (MNMD at least, i dont know about Dis...and
others didn't exist back then) for use in the pump....beCAUSE of the 
buffering....no other reason...

thanks for the clarification oh knowledgeable one

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