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[IP] Can neuropathy come & go?

 Hi all, 

I went through a couple days where I was having some really high sugars.
I was ranging between 400 and 230, bouncing up and down a lot - but
never lower than 230.  I was going through the troubleshooting steps I
usually go through to work on the cause, but because I was spilling
ketones, etc. it took a lot of fighting to finally get back on track.

I woke up on day 2, still with readings in the 300's.  I noticed that my
pinky finger on my left hand felt asleep, tingly - like I had slept on
my arm wrong or something.

I didn't pay much attention to it until 3 or 4 hours later, when I was
still having that uncomfortable sensation.  That feeling didn't go away
until quite a while later (7 or 8 hours after waking up), when I was out
walking and got my blood sugars under control.

I started thinking, and wondered if that feeling might have been
neuropathy?  Is that something that can manifest during high sugars, and
feel better after getting them down again?  Or is it more of a constant
thing (or does it vary)?  I've been diabetic for over 23 years now, and
so far complication free.  But, this finger experience has me a little

I would love to hear from anyone who has thoughts on this, or
has experienced similar things.

Thanks for your time!

Scott K. Johnson
email @ redacted

    "Diabetes is like being expected to play the piano with one
     hand while juggling items with another hand, all while
     balancing with deftness and dexterity on a tightrope"
                     Marlene Less, 1983

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