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Re: [IP] Large meals and delayed digestion

I run into this on a regular basis. If I eat an unusually large amount late 
in the day, if I eat a high-fat and high-carb dinner, or if I just feel full 
at bedtime, then this happens to me. In my case, I'll go to bed with a 
normal number and then be really high (250-350) in the morning. I've 
actually started giving myself a really extended square wave bolus ... from 
.6 to 2 units over 6 hours depending on what I've eaten and how late. This 
is in addition to whatever normal meal bolus. If one had relatively 
contstant basal rates, I imagine this could be done with a temp basal, but I 
range from .8 to 1.3 /hr during the night, so I have to do the square wave 
thing. For the ladies out there, I've noticed it is much worse in the second 
half of my cycle... I can sometimes get by without the additional square 
wave the first two weeks of the cycle, but if I forget it the last two 
weeks, I WILL be 250 or higher in the morning.

With the square wave, my sugars are ususally right on track in the morning. 
Of course it took me the better part of a year to figure this out, but it 
works every time now. As always, YMMV.

Type 1 8 years, pumping with Buzz, the MM Paradigm for a year now!

>home, I was still VERY stuffed, so it was like my body wasn't digesting
>everything I had eaten yet.  My BG levels were a tad high, but not too
>bad.  By bedtime, however, it was up to 270.  So, I corrected for it
>and went to bed.  By 3:00 am my BG was over 400.  I knew the problem
>was not my site.  I corrected for this, and a few hours later it was
>back down to 170.
>The only thing I can figure is that due to the unusual amount of food I
>was eating, it delayed further digestion of the food so that while my
>boluses were covering the food that was being digested...not until
>later, when my body continued digestion, did the additional carbs hit
>my system.
>Interesting to note for the future!

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