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RE: [IP] Medicare "newbie"


Insulin is covered 80% through medicare only if you are on an insulin pump.

What is required is that your doctor fill out a physician's work order and
you get a script for it.

I personally found that since I don't have secondary insurance, none of
those mail plans will accept assignment....so I hunted high and low in New
Port Richey FL and found a place that will accept assignment and I pay 20%.

As far as having something shipped, make sure they pack it for warm weather.
Even when I lived in NY and they shipped in summer and I wasn't home, it
would be sitting in mailbox and I had to fight with them to send me new
stuff packaged properly for insulin.!!!

Good luck..
Kathy B.

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Being very new to Medicare coverage, I need a little guidance. I am
aware of the required scripts from my endo specifying the number of
test strips per month needed, and the insulin, lancets, etc..  The
pharmacist at WalMart surprised me when he said insulin is not covered.
My understanding was that it is covered, along with my pump supplies
from MiniMed. I read in this forum some time ago, about mail order
companies such as Diabetic Supplies of America will do all the
paperwork and claim filing, but their prices seemed high and it doesn't
appear that they carry Novolog. Further, should I be uneasy not knowing
if the shipped insulin got too warm in transit or sat in the Florida
sun at my door?

Advice appreciated! Thank you!

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