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[IP] Re: MM delivery

In a message dated 5/28/03 3:07:24 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Yep, and I found the information and posted concerning this matter as I 
> misunderstood and was incorrect. I thought I saw it posted.
> Now, would you know why the cde was so concerned about the occlusion 
> problem?

In the "olden" days of pumping, clogs were common when you used old fashioned 
regular Regular insulin.  So they developed Velosulin, which had a buffering 
agent added that prevented clogs...SOME people here on IP used to report (SEE 
ARCHIVES) how short their sites would last, or how red they would get at the 
site, and we discussed the possibility of some people perhaps having an 
allergic reaction to the humalog.  We discussed the possibility that maybe the 
 humalog causes some antibody build up around the catheter...with a slow flow,
like a
basal rate of under .3, there may not be enough pressure of insulin to push 
these antibodies out of the way and a clog ensues.  SOME people (like me) used 
to add Velosulin to our Humalog as it made our sites last longer, made the 
spike of Humalog less drastic, and the occurence of clogs went down.....

Nowaday, the tubings are 'treated' with anti-clogging chemicals, as I 
 understand, and Novalog, the newer Regular insulin analog, does not seem to
cause the
same "allerigic" reactions in people....

I would suggest that you ask your CDE about Novalog.  it is a much better 
 insulin analog, newer than Humalog, and has a much less severe spike and fall.
it also tends NOT to be reported as a clogger...it is what I use now.  I will 
say I prefer Humalog mixed with Velosulin but since I ot all this novalog, i 
figured i would use it for a while...so now it has been almost a year and i am 
too lazy to go back to mixing the insulins...

And FYI, .6 basal rate is the "average" or standard starting out basal 
 rate...usually it is based on your weight and previous insulin needs, but it is
NO WAY absolute.  I started out on .6, based on my weight and insulin needs, 
but once I got more sensitive to the workings of my body, all of my rates 
 dropped, except my early am one, which is sometimes as high as .8 (during PMS

I would be less concerned about clogs and more concerned about getting on a 
pump...it is like buying an airplane seat...it doesn't matter if you have the 
aisle or the window...they both get to the same place at the same time...both 
have their advantages and disadvantages....(easy toilet access vs no carts in 
the elbow) 

Sara SP
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