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[IP] MM delivery

margo wrote
>I think the basic question here is whether the Medtonics
> pumps can deliver more frequently than every ten minutes, 
> which I am under the impression they can't. 


YES, the minimed pump CAN deliver insulin every three minutes.  IF your basal 
rate is set at 2.0 units per hour.  You will then get .1 every three minutes. 
 In 15 minutes you will have received 1/2 a unit; in 30 minutes you will have 
received one unit; in 45 minutes you will have received 1 1/2 unit...every 
three minutes you will hear a little click and the lead screw will turn and 
deliver you .1 of one unit of insulin

The ONLY time a minimed pump will deliver insulin only every ten minutes is 
IF your basal rate is set to .6 units per hour.  Your will then get .1 every 
 ten minutes. In 1/2 hour, you will have received 3 little clicks (one every 10
minutes); and in an hour your will have received 6 little clicks for a total 
of 1 unit

For every other basal rate, the pump divides the basal into .1 increments and 
spaces them out evenly over the hour.....
.1 basal rate = 1 click on the hour
.2 basal rate = 2 clicks, 1 on the hour, 1 on the 1/2
.3 basal rate = 3 clicks, 1 on the hour, 1 on the 20 and 1 on the 40
.4 basal rate = 4 clicks, 1 on the hour, 1 on the 15, 1 oon the 1/2 and one 
on 45
.5 basal rate = 5 clicks, 1 on hour, 1 on 12, 1 on 24, 1 on 36, 1 on 48
.6 basal rate - well every 10 minutes
1 unit basal rate = 10 clicks, 1 every 6 minutes
and SO ON.........

The MOTORS driving the pumps work differently.  Above is how the minimed's 
solenoid motor works.  The "others" take your basal rate and divide it by 20, 
 and deliver 1/20th of your set basal rate every 3 minutes (20 x 3 = 60
 If your basal rate is set at 1.0 unit per hour, that means every three 
minutes you will get 1/20th of 1 unit of insulin....someone else do the 
 math.....something like .05 every 3 minutes. If your basal rate is .2 per hour,
willget 1/20th of .2 units of insulin per hour - or .01 unit every three 
 minutes....the minimed would give you a click at the 1/2 hour mark and a click
at the
hour mark...the "others" divide the .2 into 20 miniscule doses, which makes a 
difference for "some" people.

The bottom line, and the only thing that really matters, is that at the end 
of the hour, ALL pumps will have delivered the SET basal amount...whether it 
 was in evenly spaced out clicks of .1 or if it was miniscule amounts of insulin
every 3 minutes


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