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[IP] Large meals and delayed digestion

I experienced a rather interesting problem this past Memorial Day, so I 
thought I would just mention it here.

Every year on Memorial's Day there is an extended family gathering 
where everyone brings their favorite dishes and desserts.  Great 
food...problem is that getting the carbs right is a shot in the dark.

So, what I did was keep estimating every time I put something in my 
mouth, bolus for it, and then check later to correct if necessary.  
This worked fairly well throughout the day.  That evening, back at 
home, I was still VERY stuffed, so it was like my body wasn't digesting 
everything I had eaten yet.  My BG levels were a tad high, but not too 
bad.  By bedtime, however, it was up to 270.  So, I corrected for it 
and went to bed.  By 3:00 am my BG was over 400.  I knew the problem 
was not my site.  I corrected for this, and a few hours later it was 
back down to 170.  

The only thing I can figure is that due to the unusual amount of food I 
was eating, it delayed further digestion of the food so that while my 
boluses were covering the food that was being digested...not until 
later, when my body continued digestion, did the additional carbs hit 
my system.

Interesting to note for the future!

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