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Re: [IP]Spell Check

 ""LOL oh that is totally me! I can't for the life of me spell - I can see
spelling mistakes in other peoples work, no problem, but can't for the life of
me spell on my own. Never could, never will - and then there's my grammar, lets
not even go there!""

 This is why you should ALWAYS have someone else proofread important papers.
When you try to read your own stuff your eye sees what it wants to see cuz your
brain KNOWS what word should be there and so if it is similar it just flies
right over it. Case in point when I worked for Discovery: The children's Museum
- I couldn't for the life of me type the word "discover" - the Y always was on
the end - but I didn't see it.

 but since having emails proofed isn't at all practical - it makes for some good
chuckles here - and ones which we often need.

Linda & Dax
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