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Re: [IP] Another Challenge to "Let's wind it up this week"

On 28 May 2003 at 8:34, Michael wrote:

> A forum member from MOTOR CITY has issued you and "all the other Moms
> with healthy babies thanks to your pumps" a DOLLAR for DOLLAR matching
> challenge of $250.

 I would like to put forth another "challenge" to the mothers on the list. Tell
the world what
 a difference pumping has made for your child. And let's reward the person who
has been
 responsible for many of us discovering and succeeding at pumping! Go to this
 and enter your personal information so that they may be able to contact you to
appear on
 the program. Then in the "Tell Us Your Story" area, do just that. Let the world
know what
a difference pumping makes for a child.  And let them know how much Michael 
 Robinton's support has meant for you and your child! And don't forget to
mention the IP
website address:         http://www.insulin-pumpers.org

George     :>)
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