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[IP] meter - pump

<I see seven (7) references to the pump as being a *meter* in the above
condensed post. A meter is used for testing blood sugar/glucose. A
delivers insulin. No YMMV. (~_^)>

Why do we always "pick" on everything - it was obvious by reading the message
what the person meant.  Same with some who use all capitals, etc. by mistake.
It is usually obvious that these people didn't "intend" their mistakes in
their messages, etc.  My father is in his mid-70's and has had an "outside"
job all his life.  In just the last couple years he has learned to use a
computer, learned to "type" from scratch, send e-mails, etc.  I am just so
proud of him for learning all this stuff considering a couple years ago he had
never touched a computer or typed more than two words in his lifetime.  I
think we should give these people a break.
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