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[IP] SpectRx Continuous Glucose Monitor

Published Studies Show SpectRx, Inc.'s Continuous Glucose Monitor 
Tracks Glucose Levels without the Need to Draw Blood

	NORCROSS, GA (May 28, 2002) - According to an article 
published in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics (Vol. 5, No. 2), 
laser-based glucose monitoring technology being developed by SpectRx, 
Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRX) is capable of continuously measuring glucose 
levels over a two-day period in people with diabetes without drawing 
blood.  Results of the studies also showed "excellent correspondence" 
between blood glucose measurements and glucose readings taken using 
the proprietary SpectRx technology.

	"These study results are very encouraging and support our 
vision that our painless technology for continuously measuring 
glucose may one day replace painful finger stick tests," said Mark A. 
Samuels, chairman and CEO of SpectRx, Inc.  "We remain focused on 
moving this technology toward commercialization due to its unique 
potential to create value for the company in the estimated $4.5 
billion dollar worldwide market for glucose testing."

	The SpectRx technology measures glucose levels in transdermal 
body fluid (TDF).  TDF is the clear fluid under the skin through 
which glucose and other nutrients travel from the blood stream to the 
cells.  The TDF is collected through an array of microscopic holes, 
or micropores, created with a laser in the outer layer of skin, and 
measured with a glucose sensor.  The technology may be adapted to 
measure glucose continuously or periodically.  In addition to 
glucose, other compounds found in the body may be measured with the 

	As presented in the article, more than 5,000 measurements 
were taken on over 300 people in two separate studies.  In both 
studies, over 97% of the measurements were within the clinically 
acceptable Clarke Error Grid A and B zones when compared to blood 
readings.  The time difference between the blood measurements and 
readings using the SpectRx method was less than 15 minutes, with the 
added benefit of minimal cosmetic effects when compared to drawing 
blood through the use of lancets.

Images of the SpectRx glucose monitoring technology may be found at 

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