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[IP] Joshua's Pump - VERY long

 We have been trying to get Joshua on the pump since December 2002. My mom said,
"wait, let it get some history" . . . so I never pressed, never said, "when's
the pump coming". Well, we've been "emphasizing" when the pump gets here, "no
more shots", the pump finally arrived in May - my son looked at it & said "I
have a pump so no more shots". Too bad it wasn't hooked to his body!

 Then, over the weekend, the pump nurse said on my answering machine, "His
saline start has been postponed". WHAT? Well she didn't tell the CDE so the CDE,
who had driven out to the "boonies" of western Massachusetts, said: I'll come to
your house.

At the end of training she said "Do you want to start him on saline?"

 I was dumbfounded - "Yes, yes of course." So we did. Then I get the "I don't
want to wear the pump anymore" - Well, he's 3 what does he know? So I go into
work, then decide I need to be home to coax him into accepting it - we can't
just take it off, he has to wear it 24/7.

 So, I get home, no one has touched it & it starts to beep . . . "System
Failure" "Call service". Am I about to go ballistic?

 I call Deltec, "yes, they'll send out a new pump tomorrow Fedex". In the mean
time I'm thanking the pump gods that it's just saline.

 I mean . . . we have spent weeks building a 3-year-old up to "you won't have
any more shots, you can eat whatever you want" . . . yada, yada. I've had it.

Just Venting,


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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