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Re: [IP] Animas users-howd'ya like your pumps?

At 10:46 AM -0500 5/27/03, Bob Hillier wrote:
>   I use a lot of insulin, over 350 a day, and the Animas has a
>daily limit of 300, and the alarms were irritating for me.  Other than
>that small glitch, which shold not be a problem for 99% of people, I
>thought Animas was great.  A great sales staff,  with the meter arriving
>promptly, and a replacement delivered overnight when I bashed the first
>meter into a door frame.  I now have a Cozmo,

Have you looked at the Panomat V10?   That sounds like the pump that 
would fit you better.  It is somewhat similar to the H-tron, a three 
button system, but with a 1000 unit cartridge.  The basal rate can be 
varied by the hour from a rate of 0 to 400 ul an hour.  The bolus can 
be set from 2 to 198 ul per dose with a limit of 1998 ul in 24 hours. 
Check out the info at Disetronics website in Switzerland.  The 
address is:


look under "Products and Therapies" in the far right column.

George   :>)
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