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[IP] for the record

Since we so rarely have anythng positive to say, except when we want to crow 
about our A1Cs, I thought I would pipe in with the following:

I have been a minimed customer for over 10 years, and I love it.  Yes the 
 customer service has gone down hill, but i attribute that to the general
nature of EVERYTHING in the money driven society....oh well...

In my opinion, it is the least medical-device-looking one of the bunch, and i 
am perfectly satisfied with the solenoid motor that divides my basal up and 
gives it to me in .1 increments.  My basal rate is only .3 and .4 at some 
 points in the day and it is NO problem at all for me to have 1 click every 20
or 15
minutes...at least I don't have to worry about missing 1/5 of a unit if I 
decide to disconnect for a shower....but then it my opinion if you are THAT 
 concerned about missing 1/5 of 1 unit then you have other much more serious
fish to

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