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[IP] Re: Basal delivery

J. Hughey wrote:

>This is NOT TRUE!!!! MiniMed pumps deliver 0.1 unit at a time - if the 
>basal happens to be 2.0u p/h you will get 0.1u every 3 minutes. We have 
>already gone through this a week or so ago and I asked where people get 
>this info????? Please get the facts straight so newbies won't be 
>misinformed. Back up this info with documentation from the company instead 
>of going by hearsay from someone else who was misinformed.

So, how much would it be for someone like me who only takes anywhere from 
0.5 to 0.3 u p/h?  From what you just said, with my .3 u p/h at a 0.1u p/h 
I would get 0.1 every 20 minutes, correct?  With the 0.5 I would get 0.1 
every 12 minutes.  My Disetronic is pretty steady, I get something every 3 
minutes regardless of my basal setting.  Just a different method of 
delivery between pumps.  YMMV.

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