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Re: [IP] Need Celiac Info

--- email @ redacted wrote:
>  Well I saw the D-team yesterday and they want me to
> be tested for celiac
> disease -
>  I don't know much about celiac other then you need
> to go on a gluten free diet
> and from my understanding that means no starches.
>  Those of you that have it, what exactly is it what
> do you eat how does it
> effect your sugars etc.
> The nurse said that 10% of Celiac patients have
> Diabetes.
Hi Summer,

Our daughter Stefanie has Celiac disease. She was dxd
with it about a year after dxd with T1. She is now 14.
She has been pumping for about 2 years. 

There is more info on the web than you can read in a
day. I will share some of our personal findings with

Last I heard they a thinking that about 20% of all T1
have Celiac disease. Not all celiacs are symptomatic,
many go years and years without being diagnosed. (You
can read all the signs and symptoms online)

The gluten free diet is higher glycemic index foods
than "regular" foods. For instance all potato and rice
are o.k. White rice causes higher blood sugars for our
daughter, and french fries cause a delayed spike in
sugars. It's been a trial by fire sort of thing. We
use a higher carb to insulin ratio for some of ricey
foods. She tests about 10x day.  You a lucky to live
in Canada, you have some excellent companies with
really wonderful products. We buy online all the time.

Most of the Celiac world knows little about diabetes.
This has been a big source of frustration for us. They
are only worried about "having a gluten accident" not
about how white rice and tapioca bread will a effect
the blood sugar. It will take some time to get the
hang of this diet, but you're lucky to be on a pump.
I don't think we could have been sucessful on the
gluten free diet without the pump. It really has made
things easier.

On a positive note our daughter (youngest of 4 kids)
has absolutely thrived! She is very healthy and now at
her "normal height and weight" since going gluten
free. She is a real diligent label reader, and pretty
good about all the restrictions. What's the old
saying, "what doesn't kill us will make us stronger!" 
Well, Stefanie is one of the strongest young ladies
around. I've been following your posts for quite a
while and she reminds me of you! 

Celiac has certainly rocked our boat. She may never
have a regular pizza and donut again. But I do find
all the places where I can get her cotton candy (her
favorite really junky food). 

You can have her cake (gluten free) and eat it too.
Please email me off the list and I will be happy to
share some of our favorite resources with you.

Sally Greenfield

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