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[IP] Death of the Tracker inevitable???

The Freestyle Tracker is a great concept.  The biggest issue I've had 
was that it was based on the Handspring Visor platform.  This brought 
two issues...first, the Handspring Visor was very unreliable compared 
to it's competition, and second, people who wanted the integration with 
a PDA were forced into the Handspring even if they already had another 

Well, now there is a new blow...Handspring has discontinued selling any 
more PalmOS PDAs, including the Visor.  This means that the Freestyle 
Tracker is now without any hardware to work with except what is 
available in limited quantities of remaining units.  This, to me, 
spells inevitable death of the Freestyle Tracker unless Therasense is 
planning to re-release the Tracker for other PDA platforms such as the 
Sony Clies or the Palm devices. 

Of course, with the advent of the One Touch UltraSmart and the BD Logic 
meters, the Freestyle meter is really the only competitive meter it 
has, and it is already now behind the times.  This will certainly not 
be good for Therasense.

I try to keep up to date with what is going on in the PDA world of 
meters and diabetes software for PDAs since I author Logbook DM.  But, 
to me, the lack of a PDA-based meter once again will hurt the chances 
that other companies will try to develop one.  When I contacted 
Lifescan about this possibility last year, they were tight-lipped about 
what they were planning...only to find out that their solution was to 
be the UltraSmart...which isn't much of a choice for PDA users.

I guess these medical-device makers (Lifescan, Therasense, etc.) have a 
ways to go in business-sense.  PDAs will continue to be more and more 
prolific=since they are "the way of the future" in the world of 
computers.  Within the next few years, I see PDAs replacing many of the 
traditional electronic devices as an all-in-one unit, serving as PDA, 
phone, laptop, MP3 player, etc.  So, if any of the meter companies are 
listening...now is the best time to try to enter this market...just 
don't make the same mistakes Therasense did and limit yourself to a 
single platform.

(The views expressed in this e-mail are those of the author, and do not 
necessarily reflect the views of this mailing list, medical companies, 
endrocronologists, or the world.  ;-)

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