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[IP] checking sugar free drinks

a cheaper method than using expensive diastix is to use the back side of a 
used Profile meter strip (if you have any, and I have been saving them for 
 years, just for this purpose). using the straw, very carefully put a tiny dot
the soda in question on some of the white "paper" on the back side...if it 
turns dark purple to black, the soda  has sugar in it.  be careful not to get 
 lemon on it, if you like your diet soda with lemon like me...also don't put
such a
big frop that it spreads to the center dot where your sugar-containing blood 
was...even if your bg was normal, if the drop touches that spot, it will still 
react as containing sugar.

I have brought sodas that turn the strip black up to the counter and shown 
them....they deny it...I do the experiemnt right there for them..soda on one 
side, water on the other.....yes, the lines can get crossed, yes they can even 
HOOK UP the wrong back of syrup at the other end....it is documented....Coke 
even sent out bags of syrup one time that were labeled diet coke but were not!!

ahh the joys of D

SSP...oh, and if you are going to write me snotty emails privately, please 
make sure your own email is set to accept email from me...otherwise I may be 
tempted to write back to you HERE...and wouldn't you just HATE that!
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