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Re: [IP] Animas users-howd'ya like your pumps?

I had an Animas IR1000.  It was a very good, reliable pump.  Never had
any problems with it.  It is a nice small size, and thin.  I think thin
is more important than overall size.  They were very good with customer
service, and the supplies were delivered promptly with no insurance
problems.  I use a lot of insulin, over 350 a day, and the Animas has a
daily limit of 300, and the alarms were irritating for me.  Other than
that small glitch, which shold not be a problem for 99% of people, I
thought Animas was great.  A great sales staff,  with the meter arriving
promptly, and a replacement delivered overnight when I bashed the first
meter into a door frame.  I now have a Cozmo, it has been a good meter,
with a lot of nice features.  It is much thicker than the Animas.  I am
a man, but I could wear the meter inside of a polo shirt at the center
of my chest with not too much of a bulge.  The CFozmo is much more
niticeable, especially having to wear the separate holster so there is a
clip available.  The Animas has a smaller clip which is screwed directly
onto the meter.  Animas never delivered on their Computer software. 
Cozmo delivered the software, but I have not been able to get it to
work.  Might be an incompatabily problem with my computer.  Cozmo took a
long time to get dilvered.  Was without a meter for 2 months.  Animas
took my meter back even though I had it for 4 months.  I would give
Animas 5 stars out of 5.  I would give Cozmo onlhy 3 1/2 stars out of 5
at this point.  The aAnimas uses four 357 batteries which can be a pain
to change, but last 7 + weeks.  Thae Cozmo uses one AAA Alkaline battery
which is easily obtained, but only asts about 1 week for me.  Hope this
is helpful and non contraversial.  We all seem to like the pump we

>>> email @ redacted 11:46:37 PM 5/22/03 >>>
I started on a Disetronic H-tron for 4 years, then had a Minimed 507c 
for the last 4.  My Minimed is now malfunctioning--it keeps a basal but

the bolus function results in an error message.  So I have to replace 
it pretty quick (insurance will replace it), since I'm now doing all 
boluses by injection.  I'm leaning toward an Animas for my next pump, 
and I'm wondering how those using this pump find it working out.  I 
really haven't seen anything negative about this pump at all, and am 
very impressed by what I've read and by the rep I talked with.  My main

questions. . .

1.  Has it proved reliable?

2.  Have they provided good service, both in ordering supplies and in 
any pump difficulties encountered?

3.  Are there any quirky irritating things that you have run into, that

you just wouldn't think about until you're on it?

I will be deciding in the next week and a half, when I meet with my 
doctor.  Thanks for your input!

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