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Re: [IP] One touch ultra smart

I am using the Ultra smart.  I have three Ultras that I was using. The
only problem I had was connecting to my computer.  I was using a 112
year old cable I had been using originally with the Profile meter, and
then the Ultras.  I had no problem with that.  But I couldn't
communicate with the Ultra smart.  After going through some diagnostics
with very helpful person with Lifescan support, he sent me a new cable,
and that solved the problem.  And he replaced it for free.  Very nice. 
I use 7 strips a day, so they can lifescan it, I am sure.  Best meter
ever.  And the reports from the computer are pretty good, too.

>>> email @ redacted 6:18:26 PM 5/23/03 >>>
I have been using the accuchek complete since I was diagnosed a few
back. I like it but its too hard to get to some of the features like
carbs &
insulin & the software doesn't seem to support that data.
I just asked my doctor what meter he uses & he told me minimed should
coming out with a really neat one soon but I don't have the paradigm
like he
He suggested maybe I use the One touch ultra smart. The website makes
look really cool. It appears to have all the neat things the complete
but way easier to access & use.
Is there anyone out there who currently uses this meter?

Thank you

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