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RE: [IP] My Ultra Smart Died

Sue is right...the Basic One Touch is whole-blood calibrated, NOT 
plasma calibrated. Most newer meters are plasma-calibrated to better 
reflect the results that labs will report it.  Now, and 80-point 
difference is somewhat high, depending on what the reading actually was 
supposed to be.  Anyhow, a whole-blood meter such as the One Touch 
Basic would read lower than a plasma-calibrated meter.

So, really the question is why was the Accu-chek meter only 6 points 
off of the lab result?  :-) Accu-check Easy is also whole-blood 
calibrated, so it shouldn't really match the lab results either.  To 
compare a whole-blood meter to a lab result, divide the lab result by 
1.12 and then compare it to the whole-blood meter test.

So, if the lab result was 140...then the whole-blood meter would read 
125 (not factoring in the normal +- 20% accuracy).  So, a value from 
100-150 would be considered a normal reading in whole-blood to match a 
lab result of 140.


>I believe that the hand held home meters and the lab meter SHOULD be 
>They are using different methods. Isn't that correct?
>At 04:29 PM 5/26/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>>About 12 years ago I had an Accu-chek Easy and a Basic One Touch. 
>>When doing
>>back to back readings with the One Touch there was quite a 
>>discrepancy in
>>values. I knew that the Easy checked out with the lab so I called 
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