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[IP] Re: My Ultra Smart Died

I remember my CDE talking about this at one of our
monthly meetings awhile (about a year or two or three.
ah, forget it!) ago.... 

We were instructed that meters were calibrated in one
of two ways: serum plasma and whole-blood.  

We were instructed never to compare them to each other
as the value was supposed to be different (if I
remember correctly, one type gives a 20% higher
reading than the other), and if we WERE to compare
them to account for that 20% difference.  I've avoided
this as I hate to do any more math than I absolutely
have to, but I do remember comparing my One Touch
Basic to my FastTake shortly after I got my first one,
and the results were different.....

we were told that if we had a spare meter, it was a
good idea for it to be a meter that was calibrated to
read blood the same way as the original, if we decided
to have a different meter than our "main" one.  (So we
wouldn't have to worry about the differences if we
were high or low.)  Again, I hate math, so I just
picked up the same meter after I switched to the
FastTake....  (I couldn't stand the Basic....)

As for the lab results, we were told we SHOULD compare
our meters to the lab - if the meter was more than 10%
off (ugh! math again!) we should call the manufacturer
for a replacement.  I figure if they aren't willing to
replace it/admit there's a problem (or at least be
willing to work something out), I can always take my
money elsewhere as there are plenty more companies out
there.  *I'm* the one paying for it and putting my
life in the hands of the results from those several
times each day, you know?

As always, though, some of this is my opinion and/or
is what I was told by my CDE a long time ago; it could
be outdated info and/or YMMV.

P.S.-I've always used Lifescan, and I've called them
for many replacements of meters.  In fact, during my
first two years I had 4 of them replaced (one approx.
every 6 months).  They've been pretty good about it,
but I agree that if you are uncomfortable or have had
troubles with one meter/the manufacturer, switch!
P.P.S.-It's weird, after those first two years I never
had to replace my meter....  No problems
whatsoever.....  Not once.....  Hmmmmm............


Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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